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Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry Limited Edition Dark Mode

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3 EFFECTS, ONE PEDAL plus Dark Mode!!

The Black Hole Symmetry is a Modulated Delay / Pitch shifted Reverb / Destruction Fuzz pedal.

Travel through the Ergosphere, the Event Horizon and the Singularity. The 3 parts of the pedal which can be played together or separetely.


Destruction Fuzz

The single setting "Disintegrate" allows you to raise your sound. Forget the fact that your drummer plays loudly. 

Desintegrate : Volume setting with a huge fuzz. Protect your ears please. 



Pitch shifted Reverb

Long reverb based on the FV1 chip. Harmonizes the reverb signal with a pitch shifter. 

Mix : Proportion of wet signal in the mix

Echo : Echo time (max 15s)

Radiancy : Proportion of pitch shifter in the echo signal

Pitch : Shifts the pitch of the note


Modulated Delay

Based on the PT2399 chip to have a warm echo. The echo signal is modulated by two oscillators. 

Mix : Proportion of wet signal in the mix

Time : Time between each repetition (From 0s to 1s)

Feedback : Number of repetitions

Modulation : Proportion of modulation in the delay signal

Speed : Speed of the main oscillator

Trimmer : Speed of the triangle oscillator